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The Hollywood Reporter, July 2011
“If you’re Lucky Enough to Work at Pixar”
Sandy Blaine, Pixar Wellness Consultant,
Teaches Yoga on Site

A pioneer in the field of workplace wellness and a highly-qualified expert on yoga, mindfulness, stress-reduction and RSI prevention, Sandy is available to work with companies on developing their employee wellness programs. As an experienced corporate consultant, she is well-versed in the most current developments in wellness research and practices, including the burgeoning field of positive psychology, and will put that knowledge to work for you.

Services include:

Designing a custom program specific to the needs of your company’s employees, including working with managers to assess the needs of individual departments.

Providing highly trained, corporate-ready, experienced yoga instructors to offer on-site wellness breaks and/or full yoga classes.

Implementing “entry-level” mind-body wellness classes to support injured (or just less fit) employees in getting started with or back to an exercise program.

Offering workshops for employees on using yoga techniques at their desks for RSI prevention and stress reduction.

Training current staff instructors in working with the RSI-prone population.

Producing wellness support content, including in-house instructional videos, for your company’s intranet.

Learn More About Employee Wellness Programs

For more information about workplace wellness programs and to discuss your company’s needs, please contact Sandy.

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C. Chafer, Oakland, CA — Amazon review

Sandy Blaine, Corporate Wellness Consultant