Praise for Author Sandy Blaine

Yoga for Computer Users could change your life! Sandy Blaine deftly addresses the epidemic of problems that plague computer users and explains exactly what we can do about it. I have no doubt that anyone who reads this book will learn how to bring greater ease, comfort, and health into their life.”
Nora Isaacs, author of Women in Overdrive: Find Balance and Overcome Burnout at Any Age
“Sandy is a wonderfully gifted teacher who is totally dedicated to bringing health and support to the community.”
Katy, yoga student
“Sandy has a true gift for balancing technique with spirit, common sense with insight, modern application with traditional fundamentals. It is not often that computer users get a high-quality, inexpensive add-on with an upgrade path that can lead to enlightenment!”
Randy Nelson, formerly of Pixar University, Pixar Animation Studios
Yoga for Computer Users is great preventive medicine for anyone who works at a computer. It’s practical, clearly written, and full of good and simple advice on how to relax, release tense muscles, improve your posture, and bring yogic awareness into your work life.
Timothy McCall, M.D., Medical Editor of Yoga Journal
Sandy Blaine’s Yoga for Healthy Knees is doubly interesting. It describes how she overcame her own knee pain using yoga poses. It also teaches the reader about safe movements and specific poses that can protect and improve their own knees as well. I recommend this book for its clarity, organization, and positive attitude of healing.
Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D., P.T, Yoga Teacher and Author
Yoga for Health Knees is a highly readable and practical guide for those seeking information about safe yoga practice for their knees. A must-read for anyone interested in knee rehabilitation and for yoga teachers, too.
Cybele Tomlinson, Codirector of the Berkeley Yoga Center

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Yoga for Computer Users offers preventive self-care for the computer weary. Author Sandy Blaine, draws on her extensive yoga training and her experience as the in-house yoga teacher at Pixar Animation Studios since 1994, she presents a program that is refreshingly easy to do. At the heart of Yoga for Computer Users are twenty-two illustrated poses (asana) and exercises, and breathing and relaxation techniques that can be performed no matter what your age or yoga experience. They will help you to increase range of motion and circulation; combat repetitive stress injury (RSI) to neck, shoulders, wrists, and hands; provide countermovements to “computer slump” posture; and antidote energy stagnation from sitting at the computer for hours. Sandy combines these movements and techniques in five sequences that can be done whether you spend your computer time at home, or in an office, or both. A special Everyday Yoga section presents lifestyle suggestions and mindfulness practices to help you learn to alternate your mouse hand, manage time, unplug at least once a week, schedule time for joy, and more. Yoga for Computer Users is the ideal peripheral device! Turn to it, time and again, to bring balance to your life.

You may purchase Yoga for Computer Users at your local independent bookseller or online at Shambhala Publications, Powell Books or This title is also available for Kindle and other e-reader formats.

Yoga for Computer Users has been translated into Spanish, Italian and Dutch!

Press for Yoga for Computer Users, January 18, 2013
The Daily Dose: Desk Yoga to Improve
Your Posture, by Lisa Evans

“No matter how good your posture is, when you’re sitting at a desk all day, your muscles are working very hard to hold your spine up, so just releasing tension from those muscles and allowing them to stretch takes a lot of pressure off the spine and is also energizing,” says Alameda, Calif-based yoga instructor Sandy Blaine and author of Yoga for Computer Users (Rodmell Press, 2008).

elephant85x86Elephant Journal: Dedicated to the Mindful Life, September 6, 2012
How to Stretch the Office Stress Away
via Sophie Legrand

Sandy Blaine, author of Yoga for Computer Users, believes that “Yoga is an antidote to the stagnation of energy that occurs in your body as you sit at your computer. In addition to the essential musculoskeletal benefits, yoga also offers a unique stress management system, alternating between physical exertion and deep relaxation, which trains the nervous system to turn off the stress response.”

sf-chronicleSan Francisco Chronicle, October 5, 2008
Five Questions: Sandy Blaine Helps Pixar Workers Keep Limber, by Amy Moon[Read full article | PDF]

Sandy Blaine’s long relationship with the makers of movie magic has turned her attention to something she finds distressing. “(At Pixar) I really saw how people were suffering from longtime effects of computer use…” Her desire to provide succor before the really bad stuff happens has resulted in her latest book, Yoga for Computer Users: Healthy Necks, Shoulders, Wrists and Hands in the Postmodern Age. (Rodmell Press, 2008).

asja_86x56ASJA Newsletter, February 2008
Health & Wellness: Simple Stretches for Writers, by Kate Hanley[Read full article | PDF]

“The most important thing computer users can do to stay feeling good is to take regular stretching breaks,” says Bay Area yoga teacher Sandy Blaine, author of Yoga For Computer Users… I spoke to Blaine to get guidance on how we writers can all stay supple and relaxed as we hammer away at our deadlines. Here are her suggestions for elemental moves everyone—no matter your age, fitness level or workload—can do.

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Reviews for Yoga for Computer Users

[Read reviews at Amazon | Rodmell Press]

Logo_design-Rebeccas_Reads_86x41Rebecca Reads, April 2008
Yoga for Computer Users[Read article | Download PDF]

fit-ypoga-mag-cover-aug08_86x104Fit Yoga, August 2008
CDs & DVDs to inspire your soul[Read full article | download PDF]


Yoga-Joyful-Living-SepOct08_Mag_86x93Yoga + Joyful Living, September/October 2008
Yoga in Action: Arts & Media[Read full article | download PDF]


YJ_oct_08_86x99Yoga Journal, October 20, 2008
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logo-alameda_86x43Alameda Magazine: May/June 2008[Click & Scroll to “Media Shelf”]

logo-oak_86x45Oakland Magazine: June 2008[Click & Scroll to “Media Shelf”]

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Yoga for Healthy Knees (Rodmell Press Yoga Shorts) Drawing on Sandy’s expertise as a yoga teacher who has used yoga to recover from knee pain and to keep her knees healthy, Sandy Blaine presents a comprehensive yoga program to help you: understand common knee problems that cause pain and limit mobility; establish safety guidelines to help you get started; use props, such as blankets and towels, to support your body and your mind; practice poses for pain prevention and rehabilitation; move in your everyday life, whether you are an athlete or sedentary.

You may purchase Yoga for Healthy Knees at your local independent bookseller or online at Shambhala Publications, Powell Books or This title is also available for Kindle and other e-reader formats.

Yoga for Healthy Knees has been translated into Spanish.

Press for Yoga for Healthy Knees

b-s-oct2007_86x109Body + Soul, October 2007
The Best Yoga for You, by Abbie Barre[Read full article | download PDF]

From relieving carpal tunnel syndrome to helping cancer survivors with recovery, yoga’s benefits have made news in various medical publications, including the Journal of the American Medical Association… As rosy at the yoga scene looks, the future holds even more promise. “As younger people see the difference between people who have practiced yoga and those who haven’t, yoga will continue to grow in popularity,” predicts veteran yoga teacher Sandy Blaine.

b-s-june07_86x96Body + Soul, June 2007
Strong Knees, by Kate Hanley[Read full article | download PDF]

Simple adjustments to your everyday routine can add to healthier, stronger knees… We designed exercises with physical therapist Jim Johnson, yoga teacher Sandy Blaine, and movement educator Erik Franklin to help you strengthen and stretch the muscles surrounding your knees for better alignment and greater stability.

fit-yoga-nov06_86x122Fit Yoga, November 2006
Yoga for Your Knees, by Matthew Solan[Read full article | download PDF]

“We often don’t think about our knees unless there’s a problem,” says yoga teacher Sandy Blaine, author of Yoga For Healthy Knees… The reason is, most people don’t know what do to. How do you condition a joint? The strategy is not to focus on the knee itself, but rather the various muscles and ligaments that support it.

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Reviews for Yoga for Healthy Knees

[Read more reviews at Amazon | Rodmell Press]

Very Helpful Book — Amazon review by D. Bazan
This book has been extremely beneficial to me, as I’m in the process of recovering from my 3rd knee surgery… This book lays out numerous yoga poses that are beneficial for stretching the knee areas (hamstrings and quadriceps) and helps the reader to adapt the poses to their particular ability. There are numerous pictures through-out that show how the movements should look and includes the adaptations, and each pose is clearly described in writing, so you know you’re doing it correctly. It’s wonderful to know that with a little time and dedication, one can find true improvement in flexibility and pain! I highly recommend this book to anyone suffering from knee pain.

Excellent Resource for Resolving Knee Pain — Amazon review by Renee
After several days of sedentary computer work and some subsequent gardening work, my knees were in a lot of pain… After a few sessions of doing the exercises in this book, my knees have improved enough to be pain free and allow me to return to gardening and my beginning yoga practice. The exercises included are clearly described and illustrated with photos of correct positioning, with modifications suggested as needed. You don’t need to have done yoga before to benefit from the exercises in this book. In addition to strengthening muscles that support the knees, the stretches and poses also help loosen areas that are tight that might be pulling the knees out of proper alignment. Also, the entire set of exercises can be done in 30 minutes or less, so it’s not hard to fit into a daily schedule. For those of us with a history of knee pain or injury, this book is an excellent resource for strengthening and stretching the muscles that help protect the knees.

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More Press for Sandy Blaine

iyogalife_runners86x86iYogalife, mind, body—get it together, ©2006 Rodale Publishing
Yoga for Runners, by Nicole Kwan
Asana Sequence by Sandy Blaine[Read full article | Download PDF]

Athletes of all sorts have discovered that yoga is the perfect cross-training tool. We took the most common running goals and asked the experts (including… Sandy Blaine, author of Yoga for Healthy Knees, Rodmel Press) to target yoga routines that will help meet those goals.

AYSinYogiTimes-1_86x111Yoga times, November 2006
Alameda Yoga Station: Solid Yoga in the Heart of Alameda, by Cathy Dalton[Read full article | Download PDF]

“The playful, mindful classes explore different aspects of yoga such as asanas (postures), partner poses, restorative yoga, sun salutations, female health issues, the blossoming body, meditation, pranayama (breathing) and chanting. Sharing this array of practices can nurture an overall sense of well-being and inner peace, plus body awareness, strength, flexibility, self-esteem and stress reduction.”

YJ_Aug_2000_86x117Yoga Journal, August 2000
Carpal Tunnel Cure, by Angela Pirisi
Yoga Remedies For Everyday Ailments, From the Editors of Yoga Journal[Read full article | Download PDF]

Sandy Blaine, an Iyengar-influenced yoga instructor who runs Carpal Tunnel Prevention workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area, says that combating mild to moderate
CTS symtoms is primarily a matter of “counteracting the repetitive movements that created them.”

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Articles & Essays

Yoga for Healthy Aging, August 5, 2014
Honoring the Process in Your Yoga Practice

Typically physical exercise is a goal-oriented pursuit; whether the goal is to beat your opponent at tennis, better your time in running, or improve your heart health and increase your muscular strength, you are after results. With yoga, the process, rather than the results, is the point. You will likely improve your strength and flexibility and might even achieve advanced postures along the way, but it is the quality of the experience, and not the outcome, that makes it a yoga practice.
Huffington Post, July 17, 2012
When Worlds Collide: High-Tech Yoga

Bringing yoga into the business world is a tricky mix, one that requires blending two completely different sets of needs, goals, and expectations. While a “no phones” policy is indeed a completely reasonable guideline for yoga classes, the fired teacher was not teaching in a dedicated yoga studio, and unless that rule is explicitly supported by the company she’s working for… it’s not her policy to set. She can request compliance but not demand it.
Yoga Journal, February 2004
Knee Deep in Yoga, by Catherine Dalton
Asana Sequence by Sandy Blaine[Read Full Article | Download PDF]

Yoga can be a source of knee pain or the ideal therapy. Here’s a primer on keeping the joint healthy on and off the mat.
Yoga International, May 2004
Part 1: Standing On Your Own
Practicing standing poses[Read Full Article | Download PDF]

Practicing on your own gives you the opportunity to tailor your practice to your own specific, personal needs. Here’s a guide to developing a nourishing personal practice, starting from the ground up.
Yoga International, July 2004
Part 2: Open Up
Practicing backbends[Read Full Article | Download PDF]

Creating your own practice teaches you to listen to your inner self.
Yoga International, Aug./Sept. 2004
Part 3: A Different Perspective
Practicing inversions[Read Full Article | Download PDF]

Developing your own practice is like learning a new asana; you’ll see progress if you keep trying! As you practice, you discover or develop the resources you need. It’s a continual unfolding rather than a linear journey.
Yoga International, November 2004
Part 4: Untying Knots
Practicing twists[Read Full Article | Download PDF]

Learning how to structure and vary your practice is a process of exploration… Whether the “knots” are physical or mental (and usually it’s some combination of the two), here’s a practice sequence that will help you unwind them, and will cleanse, purify and refresh your whole system.
Ascent, Winter 2001
Under Water[Read Full Article | Download PDF]

Yoga is the discovery of an underlying awareness of the miracle of our own consciousness… It is the momentary flash of awareness that we are part of something bigger… And sometimes that awareness finds us even when we are not seeking it
Yoga International, June/July 2000
Yoga For Sale[Read Full Article | Download PDF]

This is the most positive aspect of the “yoga boom”—as yoga has gained widespread acceptance and recognition, its benefits are available to a growing number of people.

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